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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
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Department of Homeland Security (RSS Feed):
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Security Management

Morning Security Brief: Ferguson Protests, Widespread Cyber Espionage Campaign Discovered, Global Nuclear Talks, and More
Protesters and police clashed on Monday night in Ferguson, Missouri, and a series of fires, gunshots, and looting was reported. A cyber espionage campaign called Reign has been discovered and is likely the work of a nation-state. Iran's supreme leader is criticizing the West for extending nuclear talks. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Shooting Report, Ferguson Reinforced, Afghanistan Attacks, and Buffalo Response
New report issued on Sandy Hook Shooting, FBI beefs up operations in Ferguson, bombings kill dozens in Afghanistan, and the National Guard is poised to respond to flooding in Buffalo.

Morning Security Brief: Immigration Reform, Update on FSU Shooter, NSA Voices Infrastructure Concerns, and More
President Barack Obama announces plans to defer deportations for 5 million people, an update on a shooter at Florida State University, NSA director voices critical infrastructure concerns, and cybersecurity research receives a $65 million boost.

Morning Security Brief: Ebola Update, Frenchmen in ISIS Beheading Video, FSU Shooting, and N.Y. Snowstorm
Sierra Leone is struggling to reign in the Ebola epidemic, and Liberia is accused of not distributing resources properly. France has identified two French citizens taking part in the most recent ISIS beheading video. A gunman opened fire at Florida State University, injuring three before he was killed. And the record snowstorm in Buffalo, N.Y., may turn into floods this weekend.

Morning Security Brief: Synagogue Security Ramp-Up, Hiring Oversight Needed, Unspent Canadian Security Funds, and More
Synagogues in Jerusalem are ramping up security after Tuesday's bloody attack. A new GAO report calls for increased oversight of the pay and recruitment of foreign workers by U.S. government contractors. A hotel chain fired an employee for posting pictures of DHS vehicles massed near Ferguson, Missouri. Money earmarked for security at Canadian diplomatic missions has gone unspent.

Morning Security Brief: Deadly Attack in Israel, FBI Warns of Violence, and a Report on IT Security at the VA
A deadly attack in a Jerusalem synagogue killed four and left six wounded, citing an uptick in violence in Israel. The FBI is warning law enforcement nationwide to prepare for violence in light of a pending grand jury decision on the Michael Brown case. And a GAO report finds the Department of Veterans Affairs has not mitigated critical vulnerabilities in its network.

Morning Security Brief: American Beheaded, Chemical Accident Kills Four, Bird Flu Cases Confirmed, and Boko Advances
ISIS execution of American aid worker confirmed, accident at Texas chemical plant kills four, bird flu cases found in Europe, and Boko Haram takes three towns in northeast Nigeria.

Morning Security Brief: U.S. Marshals Fake Cell Tower Program Revealed, U.K. Jihadist Exclusion Powers Introduced, and More
U.S. Marshals Service reportedly using equipment to simulate cell phone towers to collect data on users, U.K. legislation could bar British jihadists from returning home, DHS warns Apple users to download apps with caution, and Congress is briefed on a U.S. Secret Service review.

Morning Security Brief: Ebola Testing in Africa, Internet of Things Research, and Microsoft Security Vulnerability
The World Health Organziation has approved accelerated testing of Ebola vaccines in West Africa. Verizon Wireless and the Georgia Institute of Technology have teamed up to research the Internet of Things. And Microsoft released a fix to a critical vulnerability in its Windows computers.

Morning Security Brief: Unease Before Missouri Grand Jury Verdict, TSA Prescreening Lanes, USPS Hacked, and More
Missouri prepares for unrest after grand jury verdict in Ferguson shooting. Trusted Traveler lanes are seeing nonpresecreened passengers shunted to them for the sake of expediency. The U.S. Postal Service has been hacked and personal data stolen. A website is trying to teach everyone a lesson about changing the password on their CCTV cameras.

Morning Security Brief: ISIS Struck, Prisoner Release, Bahamas Crash, and Cybersecurity Legislation
ISIS leader reportedly wounded by U.S. airstrike, North Korea releases American prisoners, plane crash in Bahamas kills nine, and cybersecurity bill could get boost from the new Congress

Morning Security Brief: Russian Tanks, Fusion Centers, Coalition Airstrikes, and Hacking Revealed
Dozens of Russian tanks roll into Ukraine, GAO wants more accountability for fusion center funding, U.S.-led coalition launches more airstrikes in Syria, and Home Depot hackers used custom-built malware.

Morning Security Brief: EU Pledges $350m For Ebola Vaccine, Cybersecurity Report, and New Apple Malware
The European Union has pledged $350 million towards finding a vaccine for the Ebola virus. A new report says that cybersecurity will be the fastest-growing homeland security market over the next decade. And a never-before-seen malware is attacking thousands of Apple devices in China.

States Pass Marijuana, Minimum Wage, and Background Check Initiatives
Along with casting votes for the 114th Congress, states passed a variety of initiatives on Election Day to legalize marijuana and raise the minimum wage.

Morning Security Brief: Increased Scrutiny on Travelers to U.S., Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem, and Shift Work Health Concerns
Travelers from countries that don't need visas to get to the United States will have to provide more personal information. A car drove into a crowd of pedestrians in Jerusalem, the second such attack in two weeks. And long-term shift work can have detrimental effects on the brain, including a decline in productivity and performance.
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